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The “packageID” seems fine, works for other API call but “SignerID” from Evidence Summary does not seem to be recognized. Its confusing as items are referred to by multiple names, e.g. PackageID appears to be the same as Signing CeremonyID and Transaction. I have only created a single Transaction at this point.

I am assuming yellow high-lighted ID is the SignerID yes/no???

Below from Evidence Summary ( see attached WORD doc )

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Hi mikcanf,


Although your screenshots are broken, I can essentially understand your confusion.

For package ID, it may also be referenced as "Transaction ID" or "Signing Ceremony ID", all the same thing.

For role ID versus signer ID, they are two difference attributes in package creation JSON:

  "roles": [
      "id": "Role1",
      "signers": [
          "email": "[email protected]",
          "firstName": "1.firstname",
          "lastName": "1.lastname",
          "company": "OneSpan Sign",
          "id": "Signer1"
  "name": "Example Package",
  "type": "PACKAGE",
  "language": "en",
  "emailMessage": "",
  "description": "New Package",
  "status": "DRAFT"

If you've missed to specify them, OneSpan Sign system will generate a random ID for your signer.

Back to the evidence summary, the "signer ID" points to the signer ID in package JSON.




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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You seem to have been able to "paste" the info directly in which didn't work for me so I tried to save/attach a couple of image files. One is a portion of the Evidence Summary and some body details for POST /api/authenticationTokens/signer/multiUse

The body is below as well, "??????" I can't seem to find value for signerId that works and tried many values. The packageId is fine.  I see where you have differentiated ID for Roll vs ID for Signer but I don't know what signerId is called / referred to as in the APP it self, where can I see it in the App, by what label/text description? or is it even visible in App ( as in how a users sees it )?

  "packageId": "KPK77FQHcXjr5xZJ5bq9lRefZZM=",
  "signerId": "??????",
  "sessionFields": {},
  "value": "string"


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