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Hi, Is there are guidelines or recommendations for using eSign with PDF documents (and forms). Lets say I have a claim form (with 50 fields) to be completed. What is the general approach - do people upload the PDF and request esign and the signer to complete out the whole form (>30 fields) in addition to the signing __or__ do people tend to get it all filled out first and then ask the signer just to confirm and sign the document ? Is there any recommendations ? Thanks ~Patrick

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Hey Patrick, The two scenarios you descried are both the most commonly seen use cases users are using, and OneSpan Sign system have many features to facilitate the workflows, let's clarify both the pros and cons: Fill in forms and sign at the same time: pros/why it works: - You don't need to build another front-end page to elicit client's information. - 30 to 50 fields is an acceptable amount for the signing experience. - If you embed the Signing Ceremony into an iFrame, you could provide instructions outside the iFrame to guide your client through how to complete the forms. - Field Validator feature allows you to set regex patterns for field values. - Attachment Requirement feature enables your client to upload supplementary material during signing. cons: - The field validator function is limited, you can't apply more sophisticated rules or logic to check the user input. - Because fill in form and sign are in the same Signing Ceremony, it may conflict to some complicated workflows. (for say, you only allow client to sign when you validate their input, or you have other roles involved in the signing process) First fill in forms then upload to OSS: This is a safe way to leverage OneSpan Sign service that you fully built your transaction before sending. Field Injection feature helps to flatten the values into the document, which is the most frequently feature used by people who followed this path. Hope this could help! Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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So, let me understand.  A Form can have some interactive capabilities but only through the Field Validator?  I uploaded an Adobe PDF Form with drop-down lists into my Sandbox instance and notice that all of the Fields are locked down and the drop-downs are disabled.  For instance, in the PDF Form I have a Field called "RoutingType' with 3 choices (BGP, Direct or Static).  Anything else is invalid.

Is there any way to get past this?  

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Hi Gerry,


If we are talking about the native Adobe List Box field, it won't be recognized by OneSpan Sign and won't be automatically converted to OneSpan Sign list field - so I believe it's expected that the field get flattened after uploading.

For an OneSpan Sign List field, after signing, OneSpan Sign document engine only stamps the chosen option to the PDF; Unlike Adobe List Box, which lists all the options and highlights the chosen option.

So if you have the control to modify the PDF, you can remove the Adobe List Box and create an OneSpan Sign List Field instead, an example JSON for a list field could look like:

  "validation": {
    "required": false,
    "errorMessage": "",
    "enum": [
  "id": "list1",
  "page": 0,
  "subtype": "LIST",
  "top": 268,
  "width": 165,
  "height": 37,
  "left": 322,
  "type": "INPUT",
  "value": "optionA",
  "name": "list1"

Where you can pass in the options programmatically.

Or if you don't have the control over the PDF content, you may have to pre-select the option before uploading the document.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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