How to check for eSignLive and OneSpan Sign server availbility

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Is there a way to know right away if the Canadian OneSpan API or Server is down? I am interested in knowing if 

a) API availability can be monitored?

b) availability of OneSpan's signing services like access to OneSpan accounts, sending of emails etc. can be monitored?

Found this post for the Classic prod environment. What will be the equivalent for Canadian environment ?



Thank you.



Reply to: How to check for eSignLive and OneSpan Sign server availbility

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Hi Anu,


You can refer to our Trust Center and get the real-time updates on OneSpan Sign’s system status there. Once there's service downtime, we would update the trust center at the earliest possible time. (The /monitor/api/uptime/prod-classic call mentioned in the previous post was exactly the endpoint the old Trust center site used to pull data, but I don't think it's an exposed API that we suggest to use) 

On top of that, I would also suggest to ping the API endpoint:

"GET /api/sysinfo"

or equivalent .NET SDK code:

"string applicationVersion = eslClient.SystemService.GetApplicationVersion();" 

If you simply want to test if the API service is up.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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