Ordering signature with OSS v11.41 UI process

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We would like to be able to order our signers. For example for a document: SignerB has to sign before SignerA.



OSS 11.42: This is an option to order signers from the OSS UI when initiating the signing ceremony.

OSS 11.41: There is no option to order the signers from OSS UI.



Is there a setting or config that would activate signer order in OSS 11.41?

Thank you for your help.

Reply to: Ordering signature with OSS v11.41 UI process

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Hi thangout,


Thanks for your post! In which scenario (e.g. remote signing, in-person signing or notarized signing) did you not see the order option in version 11.41? Could you share a screenshot so that I can understand your use case better?



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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