Workflow continuance for completed transactions

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I am trying to support the following use case:

1.  Form is sent to a recipient to be completed and signed.

2.  Completed forms is returned to the sender for verification.

3.  Verified forms are sent to a group email address that is monitored by our document retention group.

Looking for a solution for step 3.  Is there a way to process an additional step in a workflow after the transaction is completed?  I could insert a step 2A. for the sender to sign again once the form is verified, but this is not optimal.

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Hi JMyers,


For step 2, OneSpan Sign offers an option "review before completion" which exactly works as you expected. It's a package level setting "autocomplete". Turning off this flag enables the sender to review the transaction and all its signed documents after all signers have signed but before you complete the transaction.

For step 3, I think you can add the document retention group's email as a CC or BCC to "email.transaction.complete" template, which is a singular completion email which only sends to the sender after transaction has been completed.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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