Specifying field order on forms

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Is there any way to control the tab order of fields on a form so that the signer will follow a specified order when tabbing through the form fields?  As things are now, this seems to be rather random.

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Hi JMyers,


In New Signer Experience, the order when you tabbed through forms could follow left to right, top to bottom. However, since you are experiencing random order, one of the possibilities is for example, your PDF has three checkboxes on the same line, but there are slightly offsets which make the third checkbox slightly topper than the other two and makes it get focused first.

Not sure how you put the fields to the Document, if using automatic extraction methods, you may want to double check the PDF form properties. If with designer view, there's a button to align multiple fields, check the GIF screenshot I made in this blog:



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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