Maximum number of Signers/Recipients

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Looking to figure out if there is documentation or a reference to the maximum number of signers/recipients one can have in any given document. 

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Hi jbutterfield,


Thanks for your post!

I assumed that you are planning to include a large number signers, may I know the exact number and the use case why you want to add this amount of number?

I don't think it's officially documented somewhere, but considering more signature blocks could cause writing limitation in database and degrade the UX experience. From our daily practice, we highly recommend to keep the amount of signers low, ideally at max 20, but ok if you want to reach 100. But still, number of signers is just one side, but how many fields and signatures you've placed to the document might be the key factor here.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Great, thanks for the reply.  Actually much smaller than that.  Many of our documents only have 2 signers.  We wanted to open up the opportunity to have 4 or 5 signers on one doc. It sounds like that is not an issue. I wanted to ensure I wouldn't hit a limit and couldn't see any specifics. Thanks for clarifying.

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