Delete eSign users - best practices

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what are the best practices when it comes to managing senders that no longer work for the business? 

Do you delete them from the system?

If yes, how does it affect the existing docs they were senders at?


note: we use eSign as part of Dynamics 365 integration

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Hi maximn,


For senders who own packages, you can only lock them through the account owner's web portal. (You can only delete users who haven't yet sent a package)

After locking the sender, you can still access the packages owned by the sender through API, and unlock the person at any time.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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For senders who own packages but no longer part of the company and are 'locked', do they count towards the number of users? Specifically, if we have a contract to allow the set up of 25 users, will 'locked' senders count towards that total?  

Using the scenario above, can we have 20 'locked' senders and 25 unlocked senders and still be within our contract? 


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