Fishing emails

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Did you encounter any fishing emails that mimics OneSpan emails? If yes, what kind? And what would your recommendation to identify a fishing email and then to mitigate risk to open fishing email?

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Hi Stoic,


I haven't encountered such a scenario, but in a general perspective, I believe these points could help you mitigate the risk:
-For e-signature related emails, have your signer/sender only open links when the sender domain is "", "" or "" depending on the account environment. 

-You can customize the email templates (including wording, color theme, HTML layout), so that it became a red flag if your signer/sender received a fishing email that mimics the default email.

-Instead of using the default email delivery service, you can either set up your own SMTP server, or configure DKIM to send out email notifications. 

For more customization options in terms of email templates in OSS, you can refer to my blogs below:




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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