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Hello, I tray to get more information about the authentication methid SMS, par example to know the max length for the phone number, the international format number, but i do not find anything more clear than that. Can you help me please.

What i found is: OneSpan Sign Developer: SMS Authentication Plugin | OneSpan : Guides related to SMS Authentication. 

Authenticating Signers | OneSpan Community Platform 

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Hi Saida,


If you are asking about how to format the phone number, it could be in this format:

+{International_Access_Code}{area_code}{local_phone_number} (without space or dash in the middle)

For a Canadian phone number, it should be +1{3 digits area code}{7 digits local number} (+15145718888)

I don't think it's documented somewhere officially about the SMS restriction, but there are many third party libraries out there helps you to tell if a phone number is too long, or whether the length fits the country code, for example libphonenumber from Google.




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Hello, thank you for your answer, my question for the lenght is becase we have the message error that the number is too long. The client wans to know how long is too long, a more specific information about phone number length

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