Any PDF Merge Field Injecting Troubleshooting Tips?

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I am trying to debug an issue with injecting data via Apex SDK into a merge field to a specific PDF form and it's failing. It is working on other forms we have.  Are there some known incompatibilities with certain types of PDF fields?  Or is there a log to see why merging is failing?  

For example, I noticed that this particular form has the same name for a few fields - i.e. mergeField - but Adobe Acrobat also shows mergeField#1, mergeField#2, mergefield#3.  Is it supported to reference mergeField#1, etc or does each field need a unique name?

Does a failed merge cause the whole form merge to fail? Or does it fail on a field-by-field basis?  I am asking because I tried to isolate the merge to a field with a unique name and it still failed.  Note, the signer signature and name field is being applied properly. 

Any troubleshooting tips would be appreciated.

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Hi Peter,


If there's no sensitive information, could you share the PDF and the Apex code with [email protected] so that I can look closer at the issue? If you failed to upload a document, you can try to:

#1 upload the document via the sender UI portal, this is the easiest to verify if the PDF itself is supported by OSS document engine

#2 upload the document via Apex code, but without any field/value injection

#3 upload the document via Apex code, with partial fields injected data



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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My sincere apologies.  This was due to an issue on my end, not related to the merge engine.

I did learn that we do need explicit, unique field names in the PDF.  Appending #1, #2, #3 (like it appears in acrobat, on the right side field list for duplicate field names) will not work.  

As always, thanks for being willing to help.

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