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I have one question regarding Text tag, can we define a name for a text tag?

For e.g, in the below text tag, can we set a name as well? So that when we retrieve the value we know that the value corresponds to that particular field.


{ * esl_FIELD2:Signer1:textfield:}}

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Hi Kamran,


Thanks for your post! Take the text tags you supplied above for example:

It's already defined the field name and id as "FIELD2", which can be further referenced for its value.

For other parts of the syntax:
-An asterisk(*) indicates that an Input Field is required.

-"Signer1" indicates that this text tag is assigned to the signer with signer name of "Signer1"

-"textfield" identifies the field type of this field



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Thanks Duo, I am able to retrieve the field values.

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