User Roles within Subaccounts

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We currently use subaccounts and to get the role of a user within a subaccount we have to check within each subaccount to see if they have access using the REST below



Is there a better way (since we have lots of subaccounts) to either ask for a specific user what roles they have within all possible subaccounts using a single call or within a subaccount who has what roles to avoid checking the roles of each user in each subaccount.  With almost 200 subaccounts and over 1000 users this process takes a while to check all combinations.  

Richard DeMello

Reply to: User Roles within Subaccounts

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Hi Richard,


It's very nice to hear from you! There are new APIs exposed in recent releases to facilitate subaccount use cases, and I believe two of them could accommodate your requirement:  

GET /api/account/senders/{senderId}/roles

Retrieves the account roles of a user across ALL subaccounts where the user has been assigned account roles.

GET /api/account/roles/{accountRoleId}/users

Within a subaccount, retrieve the user ID list who has been assigned a certain account role.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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