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Good Morning OSS Community Team,

I have a question about layouts, let me ask based on a scenario:

I create a template with 7 PDF documents, one place holder, signature fields(Text fields, Text Area, radio buttons, check boxes, list box) across all 7 PDF documents. Now, when I go to save the layouts, it is getting saved per document, I am not able to save the layout for the entire template. This tells me that you can save a layout on per document basis, and not as a whole. Is there a way to save a layout in a template? 

I can have a template containing 5 documents or more, and I want to save the layout on a template basis, not per document, is there a better way to accomplish this?

Please advise.

Thank you & Regards,


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Hi Rajiv,


It's great to hear from you!

I believe the layout is designed in such a way that it's per document basis. Is this an Ad-hoc or integrated use case? For UI users, I'm afraid you will have to either create a transaction out of a template and edit on top of it, or apply layouts document by document. For integrated users, we can definitely apply multiple layouts programmatically.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Hi Duo,

It is great to hear from you too!

Thank you very much for your prompt response, appreciate your help as always :)



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