Issue with Random Signature Failures

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The customer keeps getting random OneSpan signature failures when users try to send a document for signature. The same transaction works sometime and not others.   

  1. Is there documentation of the error codes from Onespan and possible causes ? 

Here is a sample error returned from OneSpan rejecting the package, but the message is cryptic as to the cause.

“Number of Pre-Verify results does not match the number of documents that were sent for Verification”

Also is there a way I can loop the customer into this post and provide you information discreetly. They have a status line and will get some transaction ID's.

Should we create a support ticket for this as well?


Reply to: Issue with Random Signature Failures

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Hi Sam,


From the error message, it sounds like the issue is with the uploaded document. If you can fill in a support ticket for the client, they can directly share the documents to our support agents via that channel.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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