Enhancement to increase visibility of email communications for integrators

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We lean on OneSpan to handle the emails that go out inviting, reminding, etc. on most business processes today.  While there will eventually come a time where we may shift to sending the emails ourselves, that is not possible today for all use cases.  We like the way your system allows the customization it does, and our business partners enjoy the "free" communications capabilities to the customers.

However, we as an integrating system would like to have more visibility into when communications are sent.  As an enhancement I am wondering if you would consider adding some ability to tell us which emails have been sent to which signers and when.  This could take the form of proactively notifying our callback endpoint (via a new set of event notifications) anytime you send emails to signers, or via a new GET route on your APIs allowing us to see that history on demand.  Having something like this would be very beneficial for our facilitating users (such as bankers) who today may inadvertently be spamming their customers if we were to provide them the ability to trigger a re-send.  But additionally, it would allow us to give them an indication of whether emails were already sent and when.  All of this helps them when interacting with customers both in person and remotely.


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Hi Ron,


Thanks for the background information and the suggestion!

Before I help you fill in an Enhancement Request, here are some of my thoughts:
(1)You can add a CC/BCC to the email.notify template to have better visibility

(2)Although it may not be reliable, you can also count in your local when your application notified signers

(3)There are two callback events that could be related to email delivery - "Email bounce" and "Document viewed" (this is newly introduced in v11.42 which tells if a signer has ever accessed the signing ceremony)


In terms of exposing email sent history, OneSpan Sign does this information today, but can only be accessed in backoffice via support team (see attachment). I can fill in an Enhancement Request on behalf of your organization asking to expose this bit of information as an API or a callback event.




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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