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If a customer builds an integration using the API, they would at minimum need to reference the API key to connect to OneSpan is that correct or could they use access token?


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Hi Sam,


Both API Key and Token can be used to authenticate OSS API calls. Hence if the customer is using .NET SDK, it should be safe to switch between two methods in most cases. One recent exception I learnt is that the API token doesn't work with below function:

IList<FieldSummary> fieldSummaries = ossClient.FieldSummaryService.GetFieldSummary(ossPackageId);

PS: If this is for the same customer who's reassigning account owner, make sure the owner has the same account role and permissions as before.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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So are you saying that they may not be using the API Key? Shri was thinking they were using the token based approach without the API Key. The reason this is significant  is because they want to move the API interface that was built to Appian to a different FedRAMP account so they can assign multiple admins. 


I was hoping that you could be available to get on a call with them maybe tomorrow? They could use some guidance.



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