How does the callback key?

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I'm having difficulty understanding the inclusion of the callback key described here: private EventNotificationConfig eventNotificationConfig; public string URL = ""; public string KEY = "abc"; // Register for event notification eslClient.EventNotificationService.Register(EventNotificationConfigBuilder.NewEventNotificationConfig(URL) .WithKey(KEY) .ForEvent(EVENT1) .ForEvent(EVENT2) Is the "KEY = 'abc'" the api key? or some password? It's not clear how this works, how it's validated? The example here appears to describe how to set a key is but not how to use it/validate it.

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Hey paulb, No, that is not for your api_key. The key in this case is an optional security key that you can provide that will be part of the callback notification url to allow your listener to determine if it is a valid notification. This is an extra security layer to protect your listener from getting spoofed. You know that if you do not get the proper key that it is not a valid notification from eSignLive. Hope this helps.

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