Customize "From" Email Address on Package Emails

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Hello, I'm looking for information around customizing the "From" email address within our Package email templates. Example: email.activate "from" : { "email" : "[email protected]", "display_name" : "e-SignLive" Background on our environment: We have an on-premise installation of eSignLive used within an integrated application environment. Email routing is handled through our internal Exchange SMTP server. All of our end users are invoking eSignLive within their line-of-business application, so all eSignLive emails are routed from a system account email. Need: We have a need to provide actionable information around bounced customer emails. In other words, how can we ensure that our associates are notified in a timely manner when a customer eSign email bounces? Idea: If we can dynamically set the "From" email address for Package emails to the sending associate's email as opposed to the eSign system account email, then our SMTP server will automatically return an "Undeliverable" message to the Package Owner (sending associate) in the event of a bounced email, thus allowing for a quick resolution between our associates and clients. Any thoughts on the viability of this scenario? I've seen mention of the ability to customize sender information via the eSignLive SDK, but the only fields referenced are "Name", "Title", and "Company". In our case, we're looking to customize the "From" email address. Customizing Sender Information (C#) DocumentPackageBuilder .WithSenderInfo( SenderInfoBuilder.NewSenderInfo() .WithName( "John", "Smith" ) .WithTitle( "CEO" ) .WithCompany( "Acme" ) ); Thanks! Jon

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Hi Jon, You should contact our support team with your issue. Typically, you should have the ability of setting the from in the email activate yourself, since you have an on-premise installation. Or maybe I am missing something. In either case, support will be able to help you with this =] [email protected]
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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