Secure Channel

The Secure Channel ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation of data exchanged between a client and a server. The data are encrypted and signed with a key changed during the activation process. The protected data are embedded in a secure channel message for the transport process.

The Secure Channel feature of the Digipass SDK is only available if the Digipass authenticator has been activated in the multi-device licensing (MDL) activation model.

In the MDL activation model, the Digipass authenticator can be activated with a symmetric key for the secure channel, in addition to the keys dedicated to the generation of Digipass responses. The key dedicated to the secure channel is the payload key. It is generated on the server side and is sent during the activation process to the Digipass SDK in Activation Message 2.

Payload key provisioning between Digipass SDK and OneSpan Authentication Server Framework

When a Digipass instanceClosed The association of a unique Digipass key, serial number, sequence number, a static vector, and a Digipass secret. has been activated with a payload key, it can decrypt the secure transaction message sent by the server and encrypt the information message sent to the server. For more information about the secure messaging process, see Secure Messaging SDK.

The Digipass SDK is agnostic of the channel used to transfer the message or of the content of the message.

The Secure Messaging SDK provides functionalities to convert hexadecimal raw data into a body message. This body message can be used in the context of the Secure Channel feature with the Digipass SDK (see Secure Messaging SDK).

The Image Generator SDK and the Image Scanner SDK provide functionalities to transfer the message into an image format from the server to the integrating application (see Image Generator SDK and Image Scanner SDK).