Duo_Liang submitted February 4 2020

If you are uploading large amount of senders, please create a support ticket([email protected]) and only use the tool under the support team's advise, which might include:

These are to avoid your senders who are not expecting activation emails to report our domain as phishing attempt


In order to run this tool, you will need the following:

1. install JRE/JDK environment (1.8 or later)

2. OneSpan Sign API key or Username + Password of your account

3. a CSV file in UTF-8 encoding, which contains sender's information. (A sample file has been included in the attachment showing you the expected header format) For sender information: Firstname, Lastname, Email are specified per sender. Company name and whether to Activate your senders immediately are set in batch.


Update 2020/04/29 :

1. fixed the duplicated slashes in the API URLs.


Update 2020/04/03 :

1. add the proxy capability, allow to manually choose proxy ip/port or use a proxy script, also allow proxy authentication


Update 2020/06/16

1. after execution, a Report as well as a Log file will be persisted to the same folder as the sender CSV file is located. Although both files don't include API Key/Token, it's still suggested to delete them both after you've confirmed that all senders have been successfully invited to the account. Otherwise, they could be a useful resource to troubleshoot with underlying issues during execution. (log file is locked during execution, need to exit the program in order to access the content)



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Hi, I believe the wrong .jar was uploaded. OSS - Package Export  & Download Tool - v1.1.7.jar.

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Hi Duo,

Can you please provide the sample csv file?


Lili Fu

From ANZ


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Hi Lili,


Sorry about that, I've added the sample CSV to the code share.



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