Last modified: 2024-02-29

OneSpan Sign’s screens for creating transactions and its screens for the signing process comply with the WCAG 2.0 AA standard. However, transactions created for the use of screen readers still have some limitations relative to ordinary transactions.

Our teams are working to align these two types of transactions.

Keep an eye on our Release Notes to see how we're continuing to improve OneSpan Sign’s accessibility.

The following sections describe the known limitations of OneSpan Sign’s Accessibility Support feature:

Limitations for Senders

  • In the sender part of the New User Experience, a sender can launch a First Time Use Walkthough from the drop-down menu associated with their name in the top-right corner of the Dashboard. That Walkthrough’s images and content are not yet accessible.

  • The “Conditional Logic” feature is not yet supported.

  • Checkboxes can't be grouped yet (to make the group required).

  • Radio buttons can't be grouped yet (to make the group required).

  • Drop-down lists, label fields, and custom fields are not yet supported.

  • Position extraction is the only extraction method that will work with accessible documents. Any other extraction method will render the document inaccessible.

  • The Virtual Room does not yet support subtitling of audio conversations.

If you use a screen reader: (1) our Support Team can help you to learn OneSpan Sign’s interface for senders; (2) you can consult our full official documentation for senders.

Limitations for Signers

  • Document formats other than PDF are not yet supported.
  • The “Upload signature” feature is not yet supported.
  • If you are using the “Capture handwritten signature on Mobile” feature you will need to turn off your screen reader before attempting to sign.
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