Last modified: 2024-04-19

Third Party Cookie Issues

To access the Designer or the Signer Experience, third-party cookies must be enabled. However, if the default security setting for a browser has been set to Allow cookies from sites I visited, you may not be able to open the Designer or the Signer Experience. This problem occurs most notably on Safari, but it could also occur on other browsers.

To overcome this issue, you can load a static HTML file into an "invisible" window (size 0x0), which will then open (and close) a OneSpan Sign loading page. This will establish a connection with OneSpan Sign, which in turn will create the appropriate cookies.

The following integration code example illustrates one way of doing this:

var myWindow;
      var windowUrl = "";

      // Insert your signing session URL here with the session token.
      var authUrl = "";
      function launchSigningCeremony() {
        myWindow =, "MsgWindow", 'toolbar=no, status=no, menubar=no, scrollbars=no, resizable=no, left=10000, top=10000, width=10, height=10, visible=none', '');
        setTimeout(function () {
           top.document.getElementById('eSignFrame').setAttribute("src", authUrl);
        }, 5000);
    Launch Signer Experience in iframe!
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