Changing the user status

Users cannot be deleted from Risk Analytics Presentation ServiceClosed A highly dynamic web interface that provides webpages for the user to intuitively interact with Risk Analytics. It is a Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 ASP.NET application hosted inside Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)., because it must be possible to trace the modifications to workflows for the workflow audits (see Audit workflows for more information). This traceability must be ensured even after a staff member has left the company. To ensure traceability, users are revoked in Risk Analytics Presentation Service instead of being deleted.

To change the status of a user—revoking or activating a user

  1. Navigate to Settings > User Administration. In the users list, click the toggle button under the Edit column for the user whose status you want to change.

  2. The status of the user immediately changes upon clicking the toggle button:

    • If the user status was REVOKED, it will change to ACTIVE

    • If the user status was ACTIVE it will change to REVOKED

If a user designated with the REVOKED status attempts to log on with their user credentials, their attempt will fail. The Risk Analytics Presentation Service login page will display the information that this user is revoked. Revoked users can be activated again (un-revoked) if necessary.