Update a user's security role

To ensure users are assigned the adequate clearance subscriptionsClosed Clearance level for user permissions. These clearance levels have security settings applied to them to adhere to data protection laws. Users are given access only to data they are entitled to view. Clearance levels are defined by the company's Risk Analytics administrator. Also "clearance subscription"., the users are added to a role with the corresponding subscriptions. If necessary, a relevant role must be created, and the required clearance subscription levels are assigned to that role (see Create a new role).

To assign subscriptions to a role

  1. Navigate to Settings > User Role.

  2. In the clearances list, select and / or unselect the clearance subscriptions under any of the roles as needed.

  3. Click Save.

    The changed clearance subscriptions are effective immediately.

The Enable access to configuration Export/Import clearance must be considered with particular attention. The number of roles with this clearance subscribed must be limited. Importing a configuration will erase the previous configuration of the same type and the related pending alert(s)! For more information about exporting and importing configurations, see Exporting and importing configurations.

The Enable access to User Administration clearance must be considered with particular attention. Users with roles having this clearance subscribed can create other users with other roles (having potentially more permissions) and define the initial password for these new users. Therefore, users with roles having this clearance can indirectly extend their own privileges by creating additional users and logging on with these users.

This clearance should be used for administrators only.

To change the role of a user

  1. Navigate to Settings > User Administration. In the users list, click the Infos button under the Edit column for the user whose role you want to change.

  2. In the edit user form, select the required role from the Security role list and click Save.

    The user is now assigned to the new role.