Creating a difference rule: distinct count function

Difference rules with a distinct count function look for certain events that are occurring—these rules distinctly count the difference in a specified criterion. This type of rule analyzes for instance if different events are performed by the same customer but from e.g. different IP addresses or different countries. To create a difference rule with a distinct count function, add the corresponding history criteria to a rule.

Create a difference rule with distinct count function for transactions in two or more countries within a given period with the same card.

The difference rule DR GE2Countries 12H analyzes pending alerts for transactions processed in a 12-hour period for a transaction amount over GBP2,000.

Create a rule as explained in Creating rules with history criteria with "DR GE2Countries 12H" as the rule name, and with the following criteria:

  1. In the Create History Criteria step, set the analysis level in the Aggregate By list menu to Relationship Level.

  2. From the Value to Sum list menu select AMT_CH_BILL.

  3. In the Sum Threshold list menus, set the volume to >= (Volume Greater Than or Equal) and enter 0.

  4. In the Frequency Threshold list menus, set the velocity to >= (Velocity Greater Than or Equal) and enter 2.
  5. Ensure that the selection for the distinct count function (Difference; Same) rule is set to Difference, and select MERCHANT_COUNTY_CODE from the distinct count function list menu.

  6. Ensure that the values for the Days and Mins fields are 0, the value for Hours must be 12.

The defined criteria are now all displayed in the Summary accordion of the Create Rule and Action WizardClosed This wizard takes you through the rule creation process - here you create rules, and define critera, actions, and response/status. dashboard, and the procedure is completed. Complete the Create Rule and Action Wizard, navigate to the rule you have just created, and activate it by clicking Toggle Rule.