Modify and re-run a saved report query

You can modify and re-run report queries you have already created and saved. You can also change the format in which the results are displayed by downloading the report as a CSV file.

To modify a saved report query

  1. Navigate to AUDIT & REPORT > Reports. In the Options section, select and load the relevant report model from the Queries list.

    If you do not select the correct model, the previously saved query will not be listed in the Queries list!

  2. Select the saved report query you want to modify or re-run it. It will load automatically.

    Risk Analytics Presentation Service loads the report columns, conditions, and sort order.

  3. Select the item or items you wish to modify or remove.

  4. Click the blue arrow button to see the available operations.

  5. Select the required operation(s).

  6. Click Save to update and save the report query.

  7. (OPTIONAL) Click Run and Export to export the report to a CSV file.