Scheduling automatic report generation

Based on your saved report queries, you can also schedule reports to be generated automatically. Scheduled and automatically generated reports are exported to CSV files and stored; the location of these CSV files is configured in the Risk Analytics Jobs web service configuration file (appsettings.json).

The file name of the scheduled CSV report is in the format timestamp_environment name_report model name_saved query name.csv; e.g. 2019-11-15T17-27-45_DIGITALRA001_Data on NME_Test.csv.

You can only schedule reports for automatic generation when you have previously defined and saved a report query!

To schedule a report for automatic generation

  1. Navigate to AUDIT & REPORT > Reports; in the Options section, select and load the relevant report model from the Queries list.

    If you do not select the correct model, the previously saved query will not be listed in the Queries list!

  2. Select the saved report query you want to schedule for automatic generation. It will load automatically.

    Risk Analytics Presentation Serviceloads the report columns, conditions, and sort order.

  3. Select Create scheduling. Risk Analytics Presentation Service displays a form to define the scheduling settings.

    You can select Create scheduling only when you are working on a saved report query, and if you have not yet defined a scheduling for this saved report query!

  4. Select the time and day on which you wish the report to be generated. By default, the time set for scheduled reports to be generated automatically is midnight.

  5. The generated reports are exported as CSV files. The target folder of these CSV files is displayed in the Create Scheduling form; it can be configured in the Risk Analytics Presentation Service configuration file (web.config).

  6. Click Create to confirm your scheduling settings.

After you have confirmed the settings, Risk Analytics Presentation Service performs a validity check of your entries in the form. If the validity check fails, Risk Analytics Presentation Service cancels the scheduling and displays an error message.

Additional considerations

You can modify or delete the scheduled reports you created by selecting the relevant items in the Options section. The Modify scheduling button is only active when you are working on a saved report query which has already been scheduled for automatic generation.

When you delete a saved report query and schedule it for automatic generation, the scheduling is deleted. Risk Analytics Presentation Service will ask for confirmation before actually deleting the scheduling.