Setting the response/status

To set the response/status

  1. In the Create Rule and Action WizardClosed This wizard takes you through the rule creation process - here you create rules, and define critera, actions, and response/status. proceed to the Create Response / Status step to set a response and/or a status you want to have included in your .xml post.

  2. Ensure you select the adequate relationship hierarchy level from the corresponding list menu to define the Response/Status action (i.e. Non Mon Event Level for non-monetary events or Transaction Level for transactions).

  3. Select the required field name (e.g. RESPONSE_CODE) and set the value from the corresponding list menus.

  4. Click Save Response / Status. The Response/Status you just added will be displayed in the field next to the Save Response / Status button. Add further Responses/Statuses if required.

    The field values available for selection for this action can be changed in the database ONLY. If you require more options, contact the Risk Analytics administrator for your company.

  5. Click Save & Next to complete creating the Response / Status.

You can also add Responses/Statuses to existing rules by clicking Create Response / Status in the relevant rule.

If by mistake you create the same Response/Status twice for the same rule, this rule and the corresponding campaign will not be functional and cannot be activated.

After you complete the Create Rule and Action Wizard, the rule will be displayed in the navigation pane of the hierarchy in the division and campaign you placed it. Access the rule from there to modify it any time.

After each modification of a campaign or a rule, verify that the modified item still compiles to ensure that it is still operational and your modifications are taken over.

You can verify if the item you modified is still operational:

  • Check the Compiled Date field in the dashboard of created rules and campaigns


  • Check the summary section of the Create Rule and Action Wizard.

If this field is empty, the modified item has not compiled and consequently your modifications are lost.

Once you have completed creating the rule, access it from the Rules Management navigation pane and click Toggle Rule in the rule dashboard to activate the rule.