Naming conventions

Each demonstration scenario is focused on a main actor who is identified with a designated letter, number, and country. To easily identify artifacts for each scenario, a number of naming conventions have been adopted in the demonstration.

  1. Letter-number combinations: The main actors for each scenario are identified by the following letter-number combinations:
    • A1
    • B2
    • C3
    • E5
    • F6
    • G7

    Extras use a letter-numbering combination which does not relate to a scenario number.

    • Example: William Wallace = W9.

    Non-human artifacts share the same designated letter and number with the actors for each scenario. Examples:

    • FingerprintHash for Alice ARNAUD = AA_FPH_01
    • AccountRef for Glenn GOULD = GG_ACCOUNT_REF_07
  2. Human readable names: Each actor is also identified by a human readable name; their first and last names both start with the designated letter for the actor. Examples:
    • Alice ARNAUD = A1
    • Bob BERNEY = B2
    • Cary CASH =C3
    • Eve EXEPICIER = E5
    • Felix FEVER = F6
    • Glenn GOULD = G7
  3. Virtual location: Each actor is virtually located at a specific IP address which resolves geographically to a designated country for the actor. The IP addresses used are valid, but randomly chosen to match the demonstration scenario. There is no relation to the actual owner/user of the IP address; the IP address is only used for geolocation towards the designated country.
    • Examples: Cary CASH is located in Canada, Eve EXEPICIER lives in Egypt