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1) in our on-prem version, I don't see the authentication for recipient can use KBA, and also I tried in the sandbox, doesn't see it either. Would you please let me know in which version KBA is available and how to use it?

2) "Send to Mobile" - Determines if signers can send transactions to their mobile device for signing there, what's the difference between this one vs Mobile signing ceremony for mobile?

3) "withOptOut Reason" - if present, allows a signer who just opted out from signing to provide a reason for their choosing to withdraw, is this one still available? I don't see it in the signing ceremony configuration anymore?

4) "Download Layout" - show/hide option to download layout on the sender UI, is it still available?





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Hi Cindy,


(1)For SaaS environments, you need to turn on the feature settings at your account level via backoffice. While for your on-prem installation, it depends on whether you have set up the components, so can't be sure about that.

(2)"Send to Mobile" is different concept from mobile signing, it's actually related to mobile capture field type that once clicked from desktop signing ceremony, system will send another email to signer, from where they can access through mobile and input handdrawn signature to a canvas. To do so, you need to enable #1"Send to mobile" feature setting  #2 "Mobile Capture" feature setting #3 make sure the "" template is enabled #4 make sure the mobile capture signature type is displayed at designer page.

(3)Opt out reasons: it's still available, until New Signer Experience that decline and opt-out finally get combined. JSON wise, opt out reasons are hosted at:
  "ceremony": {
    "optOutReasons": []

You should also be able to find it in the package settings, directly from sender detail page.

(4)By "Download Layout", do you mean in designer page, to apply saved layout to a document? If that's the case, it's a designer page setting, and still available.

For above statements, it may be slightly different in your on-prem deployment since it's an older version of system, and if you required further help about the backoffice settings, kindly create a support ticket so that our agents can assist you.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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thanks Duo for information.

1) in Saas, could you let me know what the settings are so I can search for in our on-prem as well?

3) It seems for optout/decline, those are only available for signers? how about if sender required to sign as well, but when sender launch the signing ceremony through sender UI, optout/decline option is not there. is it possible to enable for sender?

4) I am not sure either, I found old account setting document, maybe not applicable anymore.





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