Dynamically position signatures during document creation

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I am looking out for adding signatures for multiple documents in a package while creating the package. The documents are of varied sizes, so, number of pages differ, and so signatures need to be dynamically added during package creation. We do not seem to  have the number of pages, as the number of pages are displayed in Onespan documets only after package creation. Currently, the syntax used is documentBuilder.withSignature(signatureFor(email).onPage(0).atPosition(500,900).

So, currently, based on above it is displaying in the first page of every doc. Any solution to this issue?


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Hi Evangeline,


OneSpan Sign offers features such as Text Tags Extraction and Document Extraction, which allows to automate the signature placing instead of entering the hardcoded coordinates. These two feature come in handy especially when the page number, signature number is unknown.




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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