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Hi Team,

How to set email reminder parameters while creating JSON request?

Below parameters we are using to set expiry option at the time of Transaction creation.

1. DefaultTimeBasedExpiry

2. Remaining days

Is there any way to set reminder parameters during transaction creation?

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Hi Naresh,


The reminder related metadata is not a part of the package JSON, so you need a separate call to configure it (guide here):

HTTP Request

POST /api/packages/{packageId}/reminders

HTTP Headers

Accept: application/json

Content-Type: application/json

Authorization: Basic api_key

Request Payload


"startInDaysDelay": 1,

"repetitionsCount": 5,

"intervalInDays": 1,

"packageId": "{packageId}"



"startInDaysDelay" means how many days when the first reminder be sent out

"intervalInDays" means after the initial reminder, the interval days between the repeated reminders 

"repetitionsCount" means after the initial reminder, the count of the repeated reminders

For example "startInDaysDelay" : 10, "intervalInDays": 3, "repetitionsCount": 2 means, the first reminder will be sent 10 days after, second reminder will be sent 13 days after, and the third reminder will be sent 16 days after, total of 3 reminders



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Thanks Duo for the information.

Is it necessary that PACKAGE status should be DRAFT while setting reminder parameters? Can we schedule reminders while PACKAGE is in SENT status?




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