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I am trying to implement Esign Designer view using below link,

I am trying to use the designer in using your .NET SDK
which is not working with API key.

All your documentation is referring URL.

My current account is with

1.    Are these portals different? Is the designer access not available with current account?

2.    The current logins do not work on esignlive URL(

Please let me know your feedback on this.



Reply to: Esign Designer Views

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Hi there,


OneSpan Sign has multiple instances and each of them are independent. Among which, "" refers to the US2 sandbox versus "" points to US1 sandbox. So it's expected that you can't log onto US2 portal with credentials registered in US1.

In terms of the functionality, it's the system version (11.33 on SaaS now) and your account settings that determines whether a feature is available. For designer URL, it should be available without extra settings. So make sure you've replaced every domain (two places) as "" at below new designer UI link:

New Designer UI:{senderToken}&target={packageId}/designer




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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