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Hi, I'm looking at the event notifiers. https://docs.esignlive.com/content/c_integrator_s_guide/event_notifier/event_notifier.htm How are these normally used in the case of ESL:MESSAGE:SUCCESS:PACKAGE_OPT_OUT and ESL:MESSAGE:ERROR:PACKAGE_OPT_OUT. Is there anything special that happens on the eSignLive side for an error on opt out? Would the package show as having been opted out. I would assumed that most integrator would perform the same action on their end for these two since the user's intention is clear. Are there any issue with doing this?

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Hi Jimmy, As a matter of fact, any ESL:MESSAGE:ERROR that you get, it means that the event did happen successfully (i.e. the request didn't go through to eSignLive). For example, the ESL:MESSAGE:ERROR:PACKAGE_OPT_OUT can be triggered when you lose internet connection as you opt-out of the package. Hence, the package status will not be shown at OPTED_OUT. Hope this clears things up.
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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