Is it possible to customize the validation error when using text tag extraction?

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I'm using text tag extraction to place a required text field like this:


Is it possible to customize the validation message that appears if the user does not enter a value?  It currently says "A textfield is required and doesn't have a value".  Can I make it say something like "Please enter an account number"?  I didn't see anything in the docs, so I suspect the answer is no, but thought I would check.

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Hi jerrade,


This documentation lists all the available parameters in the text tags syntax, but unfortunately, the validator message is not supported.

As a workaround, you can

(1)Add a field name to your text tags, so that you can locate the field after creation
fieldName is the name of the field that will be created by the Text Tag. If specified, this parameter will follow the “esl” prefix. Field names are alphanumeric. They cannot contain special characters other than the underscore (_). If you plan to retrieve the value entered during the Signing Ceremony, enter a unique name per field. Example: {{esl_SignerAutograph:signer1:Signature}}

(2)add an extra step before sending the transaction, and update the field validator.


At the same time, there's already some Enhancement Requests asking for adding the field validation capability to the text tags, you can also contact our support team to fill in another one for yourself.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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