Laserfiche Connector with Workflow, Multiple Signers

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I have successfully built a Laserfiche Workflow that sends out a document for signature from one signer and retrieves the signed copy as a new version.

I am trying to do the same thing with two signers and am getting an error despite following the documentation. My sample document is below (and included as an attachment.) This syntax worked for one signer.

Word doc with anchor text and two signers

For my Signers String in the Workflow action, I am using:

FirstName:Brian,LastName:Offsey,Email:(my email address),SignerId:Signer1;FirstName:Brian,LastName:Offsey,Email:(my email address),SignerId:Signer2

Where I put (my email address) I used my actual address.

Just like in the documentation, I separated the info for the two signers with a semicolon.

The error I get is:

event viewer error message

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Hi Brian,

Email addresses should be different for each signers. If you have used the same email address of both the signers, please use different email address for each signer. Hopefully that will resolve your issue.



Moshiur Reza


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