New realease Ide: Xpath for signers placing.

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Hi there!!!.

We are working with automations with OS.... and how to handle some scenarios where we need to define where to place the “signature” using a fixed position .


Usually,  we have several templates with different positions for the signers…


But is we want to have the freedom to get the position according to another definition , it gets tricky



It would be useful if the document to be signed would also have kind of “relative path tags” in all the document. 

Like a Matrix , over de document.  So we can also automate, using a RPA with xpath to place the signatures..


Im not sure I mas idea is clearly explained…



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Hi Daniel,


If you meant to use XPath to locate signature, unfortunately, the OneSpan Sign system doesn't support it right now. But you got other methods to automatically place the signatures and fields:

Text Anchor - Text anchors allow you to position a field or signature based on the text in your document.

Text Tag Extraction - OneSpan Sign will analyze the uploaded document, and replace every text that matches the Text Tag pattern (e.g. {{esl:Signer1:signature:size(200,50)}}) with the appropriate signature or field.

Position Extraction - By placing PDF form fields, position extraction feature ensures that the exact position and size of a field or signature in an uploaded PDF file are automatically retained in OneSpan Sign.

Document Extraction - Similar to position extraction, but if you name the PDF forms in a certian pattern (e.g. [Signer1.Capture1]), you don't have to bind the role and specify the signature type in the JSON.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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