OneSpan Sign Sharepoint Online App. Unable to Log In.

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Hey guys,


I'm having some trouble logging in on the Sharepoint Online App.

I'm following this steps. 

The step I'm having trouble with is the logging in part. 

I have 2 accounts in OneSpan. One in this current website and one sandbox account which I log in from https://sandbox.esignlive.com/login with my e-mail and password.


When I open the Sharepoint App it shows me the following (I will also post the images in the attachments). 

OneSpan Sign Instance -> https://sandbox.esignlive.com/login

User name -> myemail

Password -> mypassword


After pressing "Connect" It starts loading but never leaves it. 

Can anyone help me with this? Im probably doing something wrong.

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Reply to: OneSpan Sign Sharepoint Online App. Unable to Log In.

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Hi Goncalo,


Thanks for the post! Cause I haven't got a chance to test out our SharePoint Connector yet, you can send your request to support team at [email protected] and our support agents with expertise in connectors would assist you on the issue.

On top of that, I saw you were inputting "https://sandbox.esignlive.com/login" as instance URL, any possible you could remove the "/login" and tried again? Also, I was told that there might be an issue with chrome 80, so could you also attempt with another browser?




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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