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from the documentation, there are 3 pre-defined roles: admin, manager and sender. Another concept is about 'owner' as user type? what's the difference between 'owner' vs roles? and can anyone be 'Owner'?





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Hi Cindy,


I believe you were referring to our "Manage Roles" guide, please be aware that this is regarding to our new feature "Roles and Permissions". (Only on SaaS and required to be enabled through support) This is a new sender's role system on top of the sender type system (REGULAR, MANAGER) which you were familiar with.

I will clarify the previous sender type concept below:
The two available sender types are "REGULAR" and "MANAGER". The "owner" is not a sender type, and the owner is unique in an account who must have the MANAGER type. 

You can pinpoint the owner by observing the sender retrieval API:

GET /api/account/senders?from=1&to=100

From the response payload, the attribute under each sender "results" > "account" > "owner" identifies the owner's sender ID.

Once you obtain the owner's sender ID, the GET /api/account/senders/{senderID} call will return you the owner.

At sender page, from the account owner's portal (new sender UI), the sender type column is labeled as "Role" with three available options "Member", "Manager" and "Owner", these are calculated by front end code, based on the above APIs.




Duo Liang OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist

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