Pre-verify error - Can't create package with a valid PDF

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We have already looked into all the other discussion regarding this error and nothing really helps. We have customer uploading some PDF that are getting rejected by OneSpan that aren't corrupted, encrytped and don't have NeedAppearances  AccroForm flag.

I've attached a pdf that fails when added to a signature transaction that was taken from this thread below that had the same issue.


I can't link pdf uploaded by consumer, but it is the same issue as the one attached.

We are already using library to check if the pdf is valid, not encrypted and that it doesn't have the AccroForm NeedAppearances. What else should we check?

Can we know what is used by OneSpan to validate that the PDF is a valid one so that we can implement the same logic and avoid having to handle these error with our customer. It is really a bummer.  Or is there an API that we could call to validate the PDF other than having to create a package when the user upload the pdf to validate it? We can't create unlimited packages as there is a price to it.




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The attached PDF is failing to upload in WebUI resulting in ERROR

The document failed to upload and may be locked. Please check the document and try again.

This usually occurs due to PDF Syntax or the Unsupported font used in the document.

Preflighting this PDF we do see the warning in the attached image.

Please try to fix the issues on the document.

Alternatively, you can Flatten the document by performing the steps below and re-upload the document.

Flattening the document :

  1. Open the PDF file in question
    Go to File –> Print
  2. From the Printer drop-down, select Microsoft Print to PDF.
  3. Name and save the flattened PDF File.
  4. In WebUI upload this saved file

Gabriel Cloutier


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Thanks for Preflighting the PDF, we didn't know the font could be an issue as the error returned by OneSpan is not helpful. I understand that we can re-print the PDF and then use that one, but we can't expect consumers using our platform to do that. We need to programmatically detect that. We will see what we can do. We already did for Accroform, so I guess we can find out a way for the font not embedded.



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