Restricting Field Vaules

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I am trying to add validation to a Canadian Postal Code field using REST API using following code.

'validation' = {'required': True, 'maxLength': 7, 'minLength': 6, 'errorMessage': 'Please enter a valid Postal Code in format A9A 9A9', 'pattern': '^[A-Za-z]\d[A-Za-z][ -]?\d[A-Za-z]\d$'}

When i enter a incorrect postal code it only say 'Pattern not respected' I want the actul error message to be displayed

Reply to: Restricting Field Vaules

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Hi rizi_456,


I am experiencing the same with New Signer Experience, that the error message only says "Pattern not respected" without giving the error message or the pattern itself. I will create a support ticket on your behalf and suggest to introduce {errorMessage} or {message} as an available parameter for the NSE string customizations. (whether to identify it as a UI defect or a future enhancement would be decided by Project Management team)



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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