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We allow users to click a sign button on a page that expires rather quickly (2 minutes) and it opens OneSpan in an external browser tab. Does OneSpan have a feature to ping an endpoint during the signing ceremony to keep the session alive on the source page? 

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Hi Peter,


If you are directly visiting the signing ceremony, I doubt OSS has the ability to ping an endpoint and keep the other tab's session alive. But you can either embed the signing ceremony in an iFrame and keep session alive behind the scene, or you can try to leverage the handover URL after completion and grant the browser session again (I didn't have a chance to verify this but it's an idea came out of my mind).



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Thank you for your comments, Duo. I relayed your thoughts to the team and I am still getting pushed to pursue the keep alive feature since "we have this pattern with other our vendors". Apparently, it's not unprecedented with integrating third party vendor services to our client portal.

How about this question, are there best practices that OSS has for implementing with client portals? 

Thank you as always,


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Just updating this thread to include this article for others to reference:



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