Stop the file upload notification emails.

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Hello, We have integrated our salesforce application with onespan using APEX SDK.

We have an use case where we also ask Signers to upload some additional documents (eg Driver's license). We used the OneSpanAPIObjects.AttachmentRequirement method to update the package with additional upload doc requests.

Now each time the signers upload a doc, the sender immediately gets one emails saying document is uploaded (attached the sample email). Sometime when we have multiple signers with many documents, sender is getting lots of emails back to back. Our question is , is there any way we can stop just these document uploaded confirmation emails?



Anway Kabir


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Hi Anway,


The email template you were referring to should be "email.attachment.uploaded" (you can find it in this documentation). And it's possible to stop this email simply by contacting our support team([email protected]) then we will help you configure your account accordingly.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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