I have a document that has got like 200 fields. I have made a web page that contains a web form with all those 200 fields. When user submits the form I would want all the fields to be populated in the eSignLive form. Is this possible via eSignLive API without having to post individual field values to eSignLive. I want something like this that could solve by problem document.forms[0].method = "POST"; document.forms[0].action = urlESignLive; document.forms[0].submit(); I don't want something like this where I have type each and every field name in the code .
I'm using Firefox Poster to try to create my http call to create a package in eSignLive with the API and am struggling a bit. From Poster I send a POST request to withthe content as:
   "name": "My Document",
   "description":"New Package",
Any idea where I'm going wrong?