I would like to ask if exists a way to sent an SMS with the transaction created instead of redirect from the current site.

Currently, the flow is: create transaction > redirect > client get OTP SMS > OTP validation > Second SMS with the IDV transaction flow > next steps.

So, in case we cant redirect, it's needed to send the link to the OTP validation step.


Thanks in advance!

Hi All,

The Identity Verification solution contains an evidence pack that is created at the end of every transaction.  In order to access the evidence pack, an API is called and a PDF is generated and the download is started.  This post will describe what to expect in the current version of the evidence pack (also called the Audit Trail).

The Evidence Pack contains the following items:

Hi Everyone,
We recently received an email asking for more detail regarding how the Rapid Proof of Concept and the Technical Evaluation - IDV Launcher, are configured for the matcher settings.  The matcher settings are the internal values for the IDV backend that set the threshold for when a value is allowed to be accepted and thus allowing the transaction to pass or fail.