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eSign Document is embedded as an iframe. While the signing ceremony is being performed on  mobile we came across unexpected behavior on clicking of Cancel in the pop-up (which is launched when we tap to sign)


Please see attached document for more details



Actual Result:

“Please confirm to complete the signature” doesn’t appear on top of the document to confirm.

Expected Result:

“Please confirm to complete the signature” should appear on top of the document to confirm.



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Hi Pradeep,


Below is a screenshot from my test, where I embedded a mobile signing ceremony into an iFrame (only covers the half of the screen), and I can see the "Please confirm to complete the signature" bar after I canceled the pop-up.


From the documentation you provided, I saw the iFrame has the full screen size, so I am wondering if this might hide some pixels at the bottom. Could you share the html and the css you are using for your page or trying to give the iFrame a different/smaller size to see if that helps?

Also, although I think it's not environment related, can you also send your account's environment?


Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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