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Has anyone experienced issues whereby the sender starts receiving messages that the signers email address may be wrong and it is somehow related to the how the emails are managed / archived.  It appears the email address box is full.

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Apparently the OOTO template sends an email to the package owner, notifying them that an email sent to a signer didn’t reach its intended recipient because the signer had configured an out-of-the-office email response. There is only one variable for $RECIPIENT_NAME , therefore, you are seeing the signer email address instead of CC or BCC ones. 

The email address is BBCed in all templates (activate, complete,OOTO ....) that's why the status is saying all the email are OOTO. Email which are sent to BCC and CC are not showing in the list of emails sent for this package.

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Hi Lory,


If we are talking about the email template "email.ooto", below are the available parameters:

$RECIPIENT_NAME -- is the recipient of this email notification. In other cases, it could be either signer or sender, but here it refers to the package owner(sender). So the sender's name will be appeared in greetings line.

$FAILED_RECIPIENT_NAME, $FAILED_RECIPIENT_EMAIL -- refers to the signer whom are out of the office and OneSpan Sign failed to deliver the email to.


On top of this, if you have emails CC'd and BCC'd, they won't affect the email content, but only be added as CC and BCC. This is common to all email templates.


I've tried the same setup, but was not seeing something unusual, does it still affect your usage?




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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