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Regarding document extraction, I read the following information from your website, and doesn't mention not support for text area, So what's the tag should put in the PDF file? I tried [Primary01.Capture5.TextArea1], but seems not working, please advise.

also there is sample as [Owner.Fullname2.Optional] in the above link, what's 'Optional' for? 

by the way, what's the difference between text fields vs text area? 



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Hi Cindy,


Thanks for your post! Unfortunately text area field is not supported by Document Extraction yet, I will contact our Documentation team and add it to the feature guide. The differences between text field and text area is that text field always display the content in one line, while text area allows signer to input in data in multiple lines.

For signatures marked as ".Optional", Optional Signatures give your signers the flexibility to complete a transaction without having them sign all the signature fields in their documents. 



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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thank you so much for the information. 

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