The OneSpan Cloud Authentication Technical Evaluation website can be used to test:

  • User registration
  • User login
  • Transaction signing
  • User and authenticator management

After logging in, the user board contains tasks related to the user (viewing account details, creating a transaction), while the administrator board contains tasks related to user and authenticator management.

The demo website supports any authenticator supported by OCA. However, out of the box, Sandbox OCA tenants will only work with Mobile Authenticator Studio apps that have been pre-configured for provisioning, transaction, and authentication workflows. The app can be downloaded from the OneSpan Cloud Authentication Technical Evaluation website.

To test additional authenticators, contact the OneSpan sales team to order demo devices for a specific tenant.

Not all workflows work with all authenticators. Most notably, you cannot reset the authenticator PIN with Mobile Authenticator Studio.

Supported workflows

  • User registration. Create and register a new user account while activating an instance of Mobile Authenticator Studio (see Use case scenario: User registration with offline MDL activation).

  • User login. Authenticate a user with the option to choose between signing in as regular user or administrator (see Use case scenario: User login).

    After a successful login you can navigate to the user board or to the admin board and access further workflows.

    • User Board:

      • View user. Retrieve information about the user that is currently logged in.

      • Transaction signature. Enter data fields in the Mobile Authenticator Studio app to generate a signature. Then enter the data fields along with the signature to complete a standard transaction validation (see Use case scenario: Transaction signing).

    • Admin Board—User Actions (see Use case scenario: User administration):

      • Unregister user. Delete an existing user account.

      • Query users. Query user accounts within the tenant space.

      • Create user. Create a new user account.

      • Update user. Update a specific user’s information.

    • Admin Board—Authenticator Actions (see Use case scenario: Authenticator administration):

      • Query authenticators. Query authenticators within the tenant space.

      • Assign authenticator. Assign an authenticator to a user.

      • Unassign authenticator. Unassign an authenticator from a user.

      • View authenticator. Retrieve information about a specific authenticator.

      • Reset PIN. Reset the PIN for an authenticator application. This workflow requires a hardware authenticator.

      • Generate VOTP. Generate a virtual one-time password (OTP) for an authenticator. Only selected applications support this feature.

Next steps

To start the technical evaluation, begin with Use case scenario: User registration with offline MDL activation.